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Stadler’s Jewelry offers jewelry and watch appraisal services.

 How much does it cost to have jewelry appraised?

The cost of a certified appraisal is $95 per item and includes a detailed report with the description of your item along with digital photos, and a statement of what your jewelry or watches are worth.

There is no charge on initial appraisals for jewelry or watches purchased from Stadler’s. In addition to an appraisal, diamonds purchased from us come with a complimentary Sarin Diamond Report which gives you a unique detailed “fingerprint” of your stone.

How long does it take to get an appraisal on a piece of jewelry or a watch?

It takes on average two weeks to complete an appraisal. All appraisals are performed by our experienced jeweler at the premises.

 What do I need to bring to get my items appraised?

Please bring any documentation such as receipts, gemstone certifications or prior appraisals you may have with your jewelry.

 How often should you have jewelry appraised?

The Insurance Institute of America recommends to have your jewelry appraisal updated every 2 years. If you are insuring your jewelry, please check your insurance policy to find out how often they require appraisals to be updated. Getting your items re-appraised every few years keeps your information up to date with the jewelry and precious metals market fluctuations.

Types of jewelry appraisals.

  • Appraisals for insurance purposes include current replacement value indicating the cost of replacing your item in a jewelry store.
  • Estate jewelry appraisals determine estate value of the items. This appraisal can be used for estate tax determination or division of property in a divorce and can be helpful to fair division of jewelry assets among family members.
  • Fair market value appraisals can be helpful when you want to sell your jewelry and indicate the amount a piece would be sold for between a willing buyer and a seller in the item’s current (worn) condition.